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Since our first day in business, Brown's Urban & Bougie has been offering our clients the creativity to stand out from the crowd. I love creating fragrances and the look on my clients faces when they smell our amazing scents. Every fragrance on this site has been customized by me with the hopes of giving you an experience you've never had before. If you don't see anything that peaks your interest, that's fine. I will assist you with either recreating your favorite scent or helping you create your own exclusive scent.



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Brown's Urban & Bougie has no shame in wanting the absolute best. We strive to give this to our customers as we work to bring to diversity into the fragrance industry. 
Our artisanal perfumes and body products are produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality, and created to wrap you in luxury while you continue to live your best life. 10% of sales also benefit Brought Up Bougie, LLC. Giving young ladies ages 12-17 amazing experiences, goals, and a higher purpose.
We love fragrance and hope you enjoy your shopping experience with BUBLux. By definition the term "Bougie" is derogatory. We are here to change that. We believe there is nothing wrong with demanding greatness always. So if self love and a "lil bouginess" fits you....Welcome Home Luv❤