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Since our first day in business, Brown's Urban & Bougie has been offering our clients the creativity to stand out from the crowd. I love creating fragrances and the look on my clients faces when they smell our amazing scents and discuss the memories it brings them. Every fragrance on this site has been customized by me with the hopes of giving you an experience you've never had before. You are never fully dressed without an amazing perfume. 



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Meet Tequila 

Perfume is my passion and being a self-taught perfumer for the past six years has shown me that I only want the best. I strive to give this to my squad members, clients, and customers while bringing diversity into the fragrance industry. 
I make perfumes with the expectation that whoever is wearing it is living their best life, and the is most intoxicating person in the crowd. People remember how you treat them and how you smell. Shortly after starting my journey in fragrance, I also began mentoring young black girls. Therefore 10% of sales also benefit Brought Up Bougie, LLC. Giving young ladies ages 12-17 amazing experiences, goals, and a higher purpose.
I love fragrance and hope you enjoy your shopping experience with BUBLux. By definition the term "Bougie" is derogatory and gets a bad reputation. I'm here to change that. There is nothing wrong with demanding greatness always. If fact keeping your values and expectations high will save you from having low value experiences. Peace, Love, and Bougie Blessings❤